Empowered Transformation Through Conscious Self-Creation
  • Conscious Self-Creation

    Who do you choose to be right here, right now? Engage your choice from a place of full consciousness...and then marvel as the universe delivers!

  • Honesty, Openness & Authenticity

    The practice of conscious self-creation leads quickly to a natural desire for honest, open, and authentic transparency—and this is a path to true joy.

  • Self-Responsibility

    When you recognize that you are in charge of your own life, you realize that you aren't a victim at all—instead, you get to be empowered in making whatever choice serves you.

  • Authentic Magnificence

    No more bravado or pretense, because it is not (and never has been) necessary! Your natural exquisite divine beauty is what you really want to share, and conscious self-creation is one of the easiest ways to bring that forth.

  • It's All About Choice

    Every thought, word, or action is preceded by a choice. When you make the choice consciously, you are making a clear declaration to the universe about who you really are.

  • Integrity

    As you become more adept at creating yourself consciously, you find that your thoughts, words, actions and feelings are much more in alignment more of the time—this is the true experience of integrity.

I Am. These are very powerful words, more powerful than we realize, possibly even the most powerful words in the universe. We all use these words all the time, most often without even thinking twice. Every thought, word, action, and feeling reflects our belief about who we imagine ourselves to be; in this sense, every behavior is a declaration of who we are. What we sometimes forget is that we are always at choice about how we behave. Therefore—whether we are aware of it or not—we are constantly choosing how to declare ourselves!

We can declare ourselves consciously or unconsciously. We can use these words to beat ourselves up, or to build ourselves up. We can show up as victims of the events, conditions and circumstances around us, or we can empower ourselves to be the true creators of our lives and our world. It all boils down to our choices around how we declare ourselves—that is, how we choose to invoke the transformational power of these two little words.

The Magic of “I Am” is all about conscious self-creation. It is about bringing awareness to the power of our own creativity, and helping us to become and remain conscious about our choices, so that we can deliberately and intentionally evolve ourselves into the truly magnificent beings we were all intended to be.