Empowered Transformation Through Conscious Self-Creation

The Daily Affirmation Process

You are invited to use the power of the Daily Affirmation to help you discover a deeper truth about yourself, or about how you interact with the world. As you reflect on the day’s message, you will find that either the affirmation resonates within you, or it does not! Either way, you will have a wonderful opportunity to recognize something about yourself that you might not have noticed before, and this will lead to greater awareness of Who You Are—which will lead, in turn, to clarity about how you want to show up going forward.

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Now that you have completed the exercise for today, remember to express gratitude for all that you are, because you are a gift to the world, and you are valued. Before you move on to the next agenda item for your day, please share a comment below, so that others who are on a similar path may benefit from what you have learned.

Love and Blessings to you on your continuing journey!