Magic of “I Am” Mini-Book

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Do you have any idea how magnificent you are? Do you realize that you are much, much bigger and more powerful than you’ve ever envisioned? Or that you are actually an immeasurably imaginative “creation machine”, capable of attracting or manifesting whatever you desire? This 48-page mini-book will take you on an exciting journey toward a deep and powerful certainty about yourself that you might never have experienced before.

As you will discover in this little book, conscious self-creation consists of four essential steps:

  1. recognizing who you are right now
  2. deciding who and what you desire to be
  3. creating and declaring a conscious intention to grow into the desired version of yourself
  4. expressing yourself in accordance with your new declaration
Magic of I Am Mini-Book 10-Pak
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Learn how to practice these four steps in an empowering way that will really help you to transform your life.

But that’s not all! This book is connected to an on-line environment that you get to participate in—and it’s completely free! That’s right: read the book, follow along in the on-line environment, and challenge yourself to do the exercises. Give yourself permission to begin a new practice of defining, declaring and expressing yourself as who you really are!

Pick up a copy for yourself, or buy a 10-pak so that you can share the journey with nine of your friends (and save money at the same time!) Either way, step into your “beginner’s mind” and open yourself to a whole new perspective on conscious self-creation!